Expert Property Management Services in Southwest County, Virginia

Are you a homeowner or investor who has a vacant residential property that isn’t bringing in any income? Many property owners are considering leasing options so they can bring in positive cash flow from their rental properties. Yet managing tenants, scheduling repairs and collecting payments can be overwhelming.

MKB Property Management offers professional solutions to homeowners and new investors who want to get involved with leasing rental properties. We help you prepare the properties to attract well-qualified renters by providing detailed listing services when marketing rental homes to residents living in the Roanoke Valley and around the world.

MKB Property OwnersWhat makes our property management services stand out is that while we manage the rental units on your behalf, you always have the final say. You maintain control of your rental properties and how they are managed. For all who are new to property management, we provide clear and concise, step-by-step assistance on how to get your property ready for the rental market. We also recognize that some have experience with rental properties, but seek out a professional and reliable resource to help with day-to-day management and operations. We have decades of experience with working with all types of properties and situations. MKB Property Management can manage single-family and multi-family homes, apartment complexes, and townhouses.

Contact us today and find out about our property management services that are available throughout Roanoke Valley.