Virginia Property Managers Helping People Make Real Estate Choices

Roanoke VAThroughout Southwest County, people are looking for the right leasing and rental options as they need an experienced property management company who knows the ins-and-outs about the real estate industry. MKB Property Management has been involved in real estate for 43 years, as we help take the hassle and stress out of managing rental properties.

Our dedicated staff can assist homeowners who want to turn their properties into rental housing to generate positive cash flow. With our dedicated property management services, we screen tenants, set up rental leases, and manage the buildings so the homeowner doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the process.

We also provide comprehensive property management services to tenants in the Roanoke, Vinton, and Salem areas. Our courteous and professional staff can help tenants find the right properties for the budgets, as well as collect rental payments and address maintenance concerns. By offering personalized services, tenants can enjoy all the offered amenities when renting properties through our company.

Whether you are a person looking for a residential property to rent, or you are a homeowner who wants to lease out their property to generate a passive secondary income, we here at MKB Property Management can help you. Let our 43 years of property management experience provide you with the best rental and leasing options.